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Writing about the city helps me make sense of it, too, which felt important when I started. In fact, I never considered writing about anywhere else.

Random Things Through My Letterbox: My Life In Books ~ talking to author Nick Quantrill

Events really are one of the joys of the job. I think all writers have to be open to ideas, so that means you get to legitimately earwig on conversations, be nosy and steal character traits from people you know. Newspapers can be a great source of ideas and can help tease plot ideas out. Stories are everywhere. Here be the blurb:. Want to find out even more about Nick?

The Late Greats by Nick Quantrill

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Notify me of new posts via email. What do you prefer writing in — first or third person? Broken Dreams is the first urban thriller from Hull based writer ,Nick Quantrill, featuring private detective Joe Geraghty.

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  4. Northern gritty realism. A cracking authentic crime thriller Joe Geraghty, Private Investigator, is used to struggling from one case to the next, barely making the rent on his small office in the Old Town of Hull.

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    My earliest memory relating to books is demanding to be taken to the local library where I must have devoured every one of their adventures, enjoying the thrill of the chase and trying to solve the mystery before the gang did. I can't wait to pass my love of these books on to my daughter. The thrill of the chase was still there, but I fell in love with the foggy atmosphere of Victorian London.

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    I was also reading football fiction, thinly disguised Roy of the Rovers type stories, but like most teenage boys, forced GCSE reading as I hit my mid-teens turned me off reading for pleasure. Maybe it was the hype around the book as the way football was starting to change that resonated with me, but it was the key to me falling back in love with the written word. I was always going to write crime, but it was the heart and compassion, something all good crime novels should have, found in books like ' The Grapes of Wrath ' and ' To Kill A Mockingbird ', which had a big impact on me.

    It's tempting to view Rankin's novels as a body of work, one that takes the microscope to present-day Scotland, but ' Black and Blue ' was both his breakthrough and one fuelled by difficult circumstances in his own life.