Werewolf of London (Movie Monsters Series)

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When Ginger is bitten by a werewolf, her sister has to figure out how to save her—and fast. Still pursuing a childhood vendetta, werewolf hunter Daniel assembles a team to track down a dangerous beast terrorizing a small town.

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After transforming into a werewolf around his 13th birthday, a teenager faces new enemies while he tries to save his kind and fulfill his destiny. Catch Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer in this movie about a man grappling with new powers and strength after being bitten by a wolf. This classic film, about a scientist turned werewolf in search of an antidote, is one of the most popular and iconic werewolf movies of all time.

After her family moves to Romania, Jordan finds herself slowly transforming into a werewolf and the only person who knows her secret is her younger brother, Hunter. Find out what happens in this cult classic movie about a young man's tale of a brutal werewolf attack that killed his friend.

12 Good Werewolf Movies That Are Also Deep Metaphors

Looking for some werewolf versus vampire action? When high schooler Scott, played by Michael J. Fox, begins to experience some odd changes in his body and personality, he gets an explanation from his father that he wasn't expecting. Siblings Ellie and Jimmy must kill the werewolf that attacked and cursed them before an evil spell takes over and transforms them into monsters. After a nasty bite curses him, Larry finds himself turning into a dangerous monster every full moon, and before he knows it, the entire village is out to kill him.

This horror movie follows the story of a news reporter terrorized by werewolves when she visits a retreat she thought would be a safe haven following a traumatic event at work. Emily Blunt and Anthony Hopkins star in this movie about a man trying to save his community from a beast and a curse that transforms humans into werewolves during full moons. Vivian will have to choose between the mortal man she loves or the pack of werewolves she belongs to in this romantic movie.

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Today's Top Stories. Prime Video. The Company Of Wolves. Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman. Bad Moon. Ginger Snaps. Werewolf: The Beast Among Us. Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf. Hand, feet, airbladders for the back etc. That was the first time I met Rick. Landis and I then drove back to his office at Universal to discuss his ideas for what he wanted to see on camera. I drew what John wanted to see with no regard as to how it would be done.

Classic Monsters is Nige Burton's ultimate movie monster guide

That was to be Rick Bakers problem. It was to be a real time, on set, in camera, practical effect. Remember that was 10 years before computers and digital imaging. Suggesting that the affected character actually turn into a wolf before your very eyes. No one before had the technical expertise to do that or have the balls to approach it in that way. If the transformation were possible, a human transitioning into a four-legged wolf would be a seriously physical and dangerous event. The human form would have to reshape itself into something closely resembling a wolf on screen in under a minute with the same body mass and size as David Naughton — An anthropomorphic wolf — similar mass and weight and with human characteristics.

While seated on his office floor, Landis would describe what he wanted to see in conceptual terms. He wanted to take something impossible and make the audience believe it. He wanted the transformations to involve pain… It was to be a very painful and frightening process. Skin and muscles stretching.

The 25 Best Werewolf Movies to Watch This Halloween

Internal hemorrhaging. Bones breaking. Even the rapid hair growth should hurt. There was an order to the transformation. Hands, Back, feet, face. I made quick, rough sketches as we talked. The minimum shots with the most bang for the buck — in real time. Something you had never seen before.

Jack from American Werewolf In London - Iconic Movie Monsters FX make-up tutorial

When I asked him about lighting for the living room scene, I assumed he wanted the room to be dark. Very dramatic with silhouettes and cast shadows. But he was so positive that Rick Baker was going to do ground breaking work that he wanted none of that. He wanted to show it off.

Shoot the scene in a brightly lit room. By Lee Gambin.