Workplace violence and the facility manager

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Violence in the Workplace

Such programs can be incorporated into an injury and illness prevention program, employee handbook, or manual of standard operating procedures. Prevent the threat of workplace violence in your company!

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  8. All Rights Reserved. Apps Log In. Track their progress in reducing work-related assaults, Reduce the severity of injuries sustained by employees, Decrease the threat to worker safety. Reflect the level and nature of threat faced by employees. The main components that should be included in a facility's Violence Prevention Program are: Management Commitment and Employee Involvement : Demonstrated concern for employee emotional and physical safety and health, incorporated into a written program for safety and security.

    Worksite Analysis : A step by step common sense look at the workplace to find existing or potential hazards for workplace violence.

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    Hazard Prevention and Control : Implementation of engineering and work practices to prevent and control identified hazards. Safety and Health Training : To make all staff aware of security hazards and how to protect themselves through established policies, procedures and training. Violence Prevention Written Plan : To prevent workplace violence a written program should incorporate the above areas and state clear goals and objectives suitable to the size and complexity of the given workplace.

    Although not every incident can be prevented, many can be, and the severity of injuries sustained by employees reduced by following a violence prevention plan. A violence prevention written plan: Creates and disseminates a clear policy that violence, verbal and nonverbal threats, and related actions, will not be tolerated.

    Ensures that no reprisals are taken against employees who report or experience workplace violence. Encourages prompt reporting of all violent incidents and recordkeeping of incidents to assess risk and to measure progress. Establishes a plan for maintaining security in the workplace which includes law enforcement officials and other specialists. This brochure's purpose is to increase worker and employer awareness of the risk factors for violence in hospitals and to provide strategies for reducing exposure to these factors.

    Back to Top. Management and Employee Commitment Management and employee commitment are complementary and essential elements of an effective violence prevention program. Potential Hazard Exposure to workplace violence because of lack of management support and employee involvement. Possible Solutions It is recommended that management and employees work together to reduce workplace violence.

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    Management Commitment: Provides the motivation and resources to deal effectively with workplace violence and should include: A policy that violence, threats, harassment, intimidations, and other disruptive behavior in our workplace will not be tolerated ; that is all reports of incidents will be taken seriously and will be dealt with appropriately. Management should to be committed to: Emotional as well as physical health of the employee. Appropriate allocation of authority and resources to responsible parties.

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    A system of accountability for involved managers and employees. A comprehensive program of medical and psychological counseling for employees experiencing or witnessing violent incidents. No employee reprisals for reporting incidents. Employee Involvement Employees should: Understand, support, and comply with the established workplace violence program. Participate in employee complaint or suggestions sessions. Provide prompt and accurate reporting of all workplace violence incidents. Employees should understand that: Reporting violence will benefit them, and enable management to identify, address, and solve problems.

    No reprisals will be taken by management or employer.


    Employees often do not report violent incidents because: Of lack of administrative reporting policies, or procedures. They are afraid employer will think they can't handle the job effectively. Of misperception that violence is part of the job. Of fear of employer reprisals. Potential hazards of the workplace were not identified and addressed. Possible Solutions Complete a worksite analysis: It is recommended that a worksite analysis be completed by an appointed Threat Assessment Team or similar task force, or coordinator. This "team" analyzes records, trends, workplace security, and gives screening surveys to staff to help identify hazards.

    OSHA has provided the following surveys to assist employers in identifying hazards. OSHA Publication , Identify potential reasons why hospitals may be hazardous, such as: The availability of drugs or money in the pharmacy area, making them likely robbery targets. Overall prevalence of firearms.

    Hospital eTool: Healthcare Wide Hazards - Workplace Violence

    Worksite analysis and hazard identification — By ensuring that policies and procedures are in place, you are able to continually identify hazards and risks. Management commitment and employee participation — Ensure that all management demonstrate their commitment to preventing workplace violence and are setting a good example for employees, as well as keep the line of communication open so that employees feel comfortable expressing their concerns with management.

    Hazard prevention and control — Eliminate any hazards that might contribute to workplace violence. Safety and health training — Conduct mandatory training for all employees so they are aware of what to do in an emergency situation. Recordkeeping and program evaluation — Keep accurate records of everything that goes on within your facility in order to better identify trends and patterns.

    This will help employers to develop solutions, identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

    Workplace Violence and Lack of Understanding among Managers and Supervisors

    Preparing With Preparis Preparis is able to help your healthcare facility prepare, respond and recover from any potential incident, including workplace violence. Autumn Batson.