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The AEDs investigated included sodium valproate, which is a drug now only used when there is no alternative in pregnant women because of its known risks to unborn babies, including birth defects and learning and development delays, and carbamazepine, previously believed to be safer.

Original Research ARTICLE

The new findings also showed that taking folic acid supplements had a protective effect against language impairment in babies born to women who took these drugs. We have previously shown that language impairment and risk of autistic traits at age 1. Similar results regarding in utero AED exposure and language impairment have been reported after valproate exposure, but data regarding carbamazepine exposure and language impairment has been conflicting.

Dr Husebye also warned that data on new antiepileptic drugs, such as levetiracetam, lamotrigine and tompiramate, and their long-term effects on language are lacking. The study population was made up of children of mothers with and without epilepsy enrolled in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort study to AED blood concentrations in maternal blood samples were measured at gestational weeks 17 to 19 and sample taken from the umbilical cord directly after birth. The researchers found that for AED exposed children, the adjusted odds ratio for language impairment was 1.

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Children exposed to carbamazepine monotherapy had a significantly increased risk of language delay compared to control children at age eight years. Higher maternal plasma valproate concentrations correlated with language delay at five years. But children of mothers taking periconceptual folic acid supplement had a lower risk of AED-associated language impairment at both ages. Not only valproate but also carbamazepine exposure is associated with language impairment.

Taking folic acid supplements in the periconceptual period, before conception and in early pregnancy, is particularly important for women with epilepsy. Wednesday, September 25, Contact Us Press Releases.

Epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders of language.

Health Europa. What effect does AADC have on children? Lifestyle modifications prevent one in three breast cancer cases. Leukaemia drug shows promise for treating childhood brain cancer. New family of drugs identified that could combat a range of cancers. Student ed. Binnie D. Cognitive impairment during epileptiform discharges: is it ever justifiable to treat the EEG? Lancet Neurol ; — Revista P.

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Oral language disorders in preschool children with epilepsy: a speech-language screening. Pro-Fono Scientific Update Magazine ; —6. Dahlstrom Y. Language in pediatric epilepsy. Conversational repair in pediatric epilepsy. Brain Lang ; — Selassie GRH. Speech and language dysfunction in childhood epilepsy and epileptiform EEG activity.

Gomes M, Carvalho N.

Epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders of language.

Epidemiological studies. Parkinson GM. High incidence of language disorder in children with focal epilepsies. Dev Med Child Neurol ; — Cohen H, Lenormand MT. Language development in children with simple-partial left-hemisphere epilepsy. The perisylvian epileptic network.

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A unifying concept. Ideggyogy Sz ; — Concurrent language disorders in children with idiopathic epilepsy. Egypt J Otolaryngol ; Table 1 Comparison between the studied groups focal and generalized epilepsy according to age and sex of the cases Click here to view.

Epilepsy Debate: That the language of Epilepsy shapes attitudes

Table 2 Comparison between the studied groups focal and generalized epilepsy according to epilepsy characteristics Click here to view. Table 3 Distribution of the studied sample focal and generalized according to electroencephalographic results Click here to view.

Generalized Seizures

Table 4 Distribution of studied sample focal epilepsy only according to electroencephalography Click here to view. Table 5 Comparison between the studied groups according to the Comprehensive Arabic Language Test results Click here to view. Table 6 Descriptive study of Comprehensive Arabic Language Test domains phonology, semantics, syntax, morphology, and pragmatics of epileptic children who had developmental language disorder Click here to view.

Table 7 The distribution of the presence or absence of developmental language disorders related to variables such as sex, age, age at first seizure, type of seizure, treatment regimen, controlled or not, complaint of developmental language disorder symptoms, electroencephalographic results focal epilepsy group only , NHS3, and intelligence quotient Click here to view.

Table 8 Logistic regression for age, treatment control, sex, and type of epilepsy Click here to view. Related articles developmental language disorders epilepsy risk factor.