Hospital of the Transfiguration

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Uniform Title Szpital Przemienienia. Format Book.

ISBN 13: 9780233983851

Locale Poland. Language English. Edition 1st ed. Expand all About This Publication. Physical Description p. ISBN Notes Translation of: Szpital Przemienienia.

Additional Form Also issued online. Keywords and Subjects.

Hospital of the Transfiguration, Polish Movie Poster

For an instant she was a normal human being. In fact, they do some pretty rotten things. Lem was, of course, a doctor though he did not, to my knowledge, work in an asylum and the hospital scenes are vivid to the point of grotesque, particularly one of an operation to remove a brain tumour:. The brain was deeply open and there was more and more necrotic mass, fusing with the spirals and convolutions.

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Stefan looked at the wound, which gaped like an open mouth. For conversation, Stefan is increasingly drawn to Sekulowski, an inmate who suffers from literature rather than madness. It seems highly likely that Sekulowski is, to some, extent, a mouthpiece for Lem, producing a series of wonderful aphorisms regarding writing, for example:.

The Occupation is not entirely forgotten as Stefan befriends a couple of workers at a nearby power station who are rumoured to be hiding weapons.

Hospital of the Transfiguration

One in particular, Woch, he fails to warn when he fears he may be in danger, and we have an early indication of the threat the Germans pose:. Eventually the Germans with Ukrainian troops come to the asylum with their own solution to the psychological problems of the patients:.

The moral problem this creates for the doctors might remind us that Stefan was earlier reading Lord Jim. It demonstrates our powerlessness in the face of insanity, both inside and outside the asylum; in that sense it is as relevant as ever.

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Tags: hospital of the transfiguration , Stanislaw Lem. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. As you say in your closing comments, this novels sounds like a valuable piece of fiction in its own right, not just one for Lem completists.

Chapter Analysis of Hospital of the Transfiguration

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