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Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 / A350 Digital Field Guide

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One of the nice features of the live view mode was the integration with the live viewing function with the on-screen information displays, particularly for autofocusing. Indicators on the screen show the AF points selected, allowing you to recompose shots or adjust lens apertures to ensure the aspects of the subject you want to image sharply are just that.

A simulated example is shown below. The live view mode has two additional advantages. Instead of the regular segment honeycomb-pattern SPC metering system, the live view mode brings in a more advanced zone metering system, which uses the dedicated live view sensor to evaluate light levels and colour distribution. In theory, exposures should be easier to measure accurately with this system.

Sony has also introduced a Smart Teleconverter function, which is accessed via a button on the top right corner of the rear panel and can magnify images by an equivalent of 1. This is essentially a cropping zoom, which resembles the digital zoom function on digicams but appears not to involve interpolation.

Sony announces Alpha and Digital Photography Review

It only works in live view mode. Picture Motion Browser is a general-purpose downloading and image organiser application with basic editing facilities and support for printing images and burning them to optical disk. It will then display thumbnails in calendar form and you can select months and days by clicking on thumbnails. It will even show the time of day in which shots were taken.

Sony DSLR-A300

Editing facilities include an automatic correction which covers brightness and colour balance , brightness, saturation sharpness and tone curve adjustments and red-eye correction. You can also run slideshows of shots in selected folders. Image Data Converter SR is a better-than-average raw file converter that supports a wide range of adjustments.

TIFF files can be saved in 8- or bit format. This high-performance lens has already been reviewed separately on the Photo Review website. Click here For an indication of the probable performance of the kit lens on the A body, check out the review of the A model, which has the same image sensor. Click here. Pictures from the test camera had a slightly warm hue but otherwise colours were natural looking and the dynamic range in shots was relatively wide. Applying in-camera Dynamic Range Optimiser adjustment produced obvious improvements in both highlights and shadows, as shown in the images below.

RAW files, although resolution was slightly higher in the latter. The graph below plots the results for our tests on JPEG images, providing centre and edge resolution at different lens apertures for four focal length settings.

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Despite some evidence of edge softening, resolution was retained right up to ISO and only declined slightly at ISO , as shown in the graph below. Colour accuracy was similar to the A, although the hue shifts were slightly greater for a few colours. Saturation was similar in both cameras.

Lateral chromatic aberration was negligible with the test lens, as shown in the graph below. White balance performance was slightly better with fluorescent lighting than we achieved in our tests on the A Colour rendition was close to neutral with the auto setting under fluorescent lights but we found the usual problems with incandescent lighting.

The tungsten pre-set slightly over-corrected the orange cast of the incandescent lights while the manual measurement system produced neutral hues under both types of lighting. Image noise was generally low up to ISO where traces of noise became apparent.

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By ISO , noise was obvious and we observed colour shifts and sharpness had deteriorated noticeably. Flash performance was similar to the A With all ISO settings, the flash had sufficient power to produce correct and evenly-balanced exposures. The test camera took less than a second to power up and shut down and shot-to-shot times averaged just under 0. We measured an average capture lag of 0. It took 3.

Sony a300 a350 Live view mode

Raw capture rates slowed slightly after seven shots. It took 2. Image sensor : Ph: 02 Secure online shopping and delivery across Australia.