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Diffraction methods for biological macromolecules, pt. Plant molecular biology. Interferons, pt. Cumulative subject index, vol. Plasma lipoproteins, pt. Bioluminescence and chemiluminescence, pt. Structural and contractile proteins, pt. Immobilized enzymes and cells, pt. Complex carbohydrates, pt. Cellular regulators, pt. Metabolism of aromatic amino acids and amines. Sulfur and sulfur amino acids. Peptide growth factors, pt. Plant cell membranes.

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Drug and enzyme targeting. Molecular genetics of mammalian cells. Guide to molecular cloning techniques.

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ATR-driven pumps and related transport: the na,K-pump. ATR-driven pumps and related transport: calcium, proton, and potassium pumps, pt. Metallobiochemistry, pt. Biomass, cellulos and hemicellulose, pt. Biomass, lignin, pectin, and chitin. Microbial toxins: tools in enzymology. Branched chain amino acids. Platelets: receptors, adhesion, secretion, pt. Transport: membrane isolation and characterization. Nuclear magnetic resources, pt. Nuclear magnetic resonance, pt. Structure and mechanism. Antibodies, antigens, and molecular mimicry.

RNA processing, pt. Guide to protein purification. Molecular evolution: computer analysis of protein and nucleic acid sequences. Avidin-Biotin technology. Gene expression technology. Arachidonate related lipid mediators. Hydrocarbons and methylotrophy. Retinoids, pt. Cellular and subcellular transport: epithelial cells.

Mass spectrometry. Guide to yeast genetics and molecular biology. Adenylyl cyclase, G proteins, and guanylyl cylase.

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Molecular motors and the cytoskeleton. Peptide growth factors. Protein phosphorylation, pt. Molecular design and modeling: concepts and applications, pt. Proteins, peptides and enzymes. Antibodies and antigens, nucleic acids, polysaccharides and drugs. Bacterial genetic systems. Metallothionein and related molecules. Cytochrome P Ion channels. Protein-DNA interactions. Phospholipid biosynthesis.


Numerical computer methods. DNA structures, pt. Carotenoids, pt. Platelets: receptors, adhesion, secretion. Reconstitution of Intracellular Transport. Membrane fusion techniques, pt. Membrane Fusion techniques, pt. Proteolytic Enzymes in coagulation, Fibrinolysis, and complement activation, pt. Proteolytic Enzymes in coagulation, fibrinolysis, and complement activation, pt. Molecular evolution: producing the biochemical data.

Guide to techniques in mouse development. Spectroscopic and physical methods for probing metal ion environments in metalloenzymes and metalloproteins. Aqueous two-phase systems. Cumulative subject index, vols. Guide to techniques in glycobiology. Hemoglobins, pt.

Biochemical and analytical methods. Oxygen radicals in biological systems, pt. Bacterial pathogenesis, pt. Identification and regulation of virulence factors. Interaction of pathogenic bacteria with host cells. Heterotrimeric G-proteins. Heterotrimeric G-Protein Effectors. Numerical computer methods, pt.

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Retroviral Proteases. Neoglycoconjugates, pt. Inorganic microbial sulfur metabolism. Proteolytic enzymes, Serine and Cycsteine Peptidases. Extracellular matrix components. Biochemical stpectroscopy. Biomedical applications -v. Proteolytic enzymes: aspartic and metallo peptidases -v. Enzyme kinetics and mechanism, Part D, developments in enzyme dynamics. Lipid modifications of proteins. Biothals, part A, Monothiols and dithiols, protein thiols, and thiyl radicals.

Biothals, pt. B; Glutathione and Thioredoxin: Thiols in signal transduction and gene regulation. Adhesion of microbial pathogens. Oncogene techniques. Small gtpases and their regulators, pt. A ras family. Small gtpases and their regulators pt. B Rho family -v. C, proteins involved in transport -v.

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Energetics of biological macromolecules. Mitochondrial biogenesis and genetics, pt. Nuclear magnetic resonance and nucleic acids -v. DNA replication -v. Plasma lipoproteins, part C, quantitation -v. Computer methods for macromolecular sequence analysis -v. Combinatorial chemistry -v. Nitric oxide pt. B, physiological and pathological processes -v. High resolution separation and analysis of biological macromolecules pt. A, fundamentals. Cytochrome P, pt.

RNA polymerase and associated factors, pt.

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RNA polyerase and associated factors, pt. Viral polymerases and related proteins. Macromolecular crystallography, pt. Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Cell cycle contro. Lipases, pt. Enzyme characterization and utilization. Chemokine receptors. Solid-Phase peptide synthesis. Molecular chaperones. Caged compounds.

ABC transporter: Biochemical, cellular, and Molecular aspects. Ion channels, pt. Energetics of biological macromolecules, pt. Neurotransmitter transporters. Photosynthesis: molecular biology of energy capture. Molecular motors and the cytoskeleton, pt. Oxidants and antioxidants, pt. Oxidants and Antioxidants, pt. Biological and antioxidant activities, pt. Green fluorescent protein. Expression of recombinant genes in eukaryotic systems. Confocal microscopy. Enzyme kinetics and mechanism, pt. Amyloid, prions, and other protein aggregates. Sphingolipid metabolism and cell signaling, pt.

Antisense technology, pt. Vertebrate phototransduction and the visual cycle, pt.

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  4. RNA-Ligand interactions, pt. RNA-Ligand interactions pt. Singlet oxygen, UV-A, and ozone. Branched-chain amino acids, pt. Regulators and effectors of small gtpases, pt. D Rho family. Applications of chimeric genes and hybrid proteins, pt. A Gene expression and protein purification.

    Cell biology and physiology. Hyperthermophilic enzymes, pt. Regulators and effectors of small GTPases, pt. Ras family I. Ras family II. Flavonoids and other polyphenols. Microbial growth in biofilms, pt. Developmental and Molecular biological aspects. Special environments and physicochemical aspects. Nuclear magnetic resonance of biological macromolecules, pt. Drug-nucleic acid interactions. Ribonucleases, pt. G Protein pathways, pt.

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