The Sudoku Murder: A Katie McDonald Mystery

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Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. September 19, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Soon afterward he is murdered. The new police chief, a transplanted Bostonian, suspects Katie; the two are instantly antagonistic.


Most of the older residents are delighted to see Katie, especially her Aunt Pru, who is determined to see that year-old Katie does not end up an old maid, as she has. Pru sets Katie up on a number of dates with men who have good manners and substantial futures.

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Throw in the professor's estranged daughter, who wants to put him in a home, a teen-aged genius who has gone missing, and some extremely colorful characters, and you have a good, fun, fast read. Add some Sudoku puzzles to work after each chapter, and you've got a winner. Two little things bothered me.

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One was the use of the word kibbutz, which means an Israeli collective, in place of kibitz, which means to watch a card, chess, or similar game; loathe hate was used instead of loath reluctant. The author or her editor should have caught these. The other was the heavy sentiment for keeping the town "as is" instead of allowing the mall to be built. A townsman speaks of his family leaving because of lack of jobs; the mall might have been incentive for the young people to stay. The museum, Raynelle's cafe, etc, could have been moved to other locations.

I can sympathize with the townsfolk, but I think they were wrong.

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It's obvious they're set in their ways, as they run red lights, park by fire hydrants, and don't bother getting a license to sell food. I think that Katie will eventually get together with the right man, but I'm glad the author didn't rush into it. I can wait. If you're reading this review, you should, too! January 13, - Published on Amazon. In the world of mysteries, Agatha Christie is pretty much the standard all detective novels are measured against because—much like Stephen King and horror —not only was she great at writing them, she was the first to really make the genre popular with mainstream readers all over the world.

Over the decades since the first Christie books hit the shelves, mystery novels have taken many dark and twisted turns, filled with violence and gore. And those are fun! But luckily for fans who want clever, clean mysteries like Christie wrote, there are still plenty being released.

Everyone knows the truth hurts, but sometimes, it can even get you killed. That's what happens to Paul English, a newcomer to Sergeant Hamish Macbeth's Scottish village, who has a penchant for brutal honesty.

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It seems someone didn't take kindly to Paul's need to share his blunt opinions on everything, and now Hamish has a list of murder suspects a mile long. Can he find the killer of an honest man?

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A Sudoku championship tournament in a small town in New Hampshire turns deadly, and Katie McDonald and her assistant, Harry, are determined to solve the crime. But can they figure out the With bonus Sudoku puzzles you can solve yourself! On the day Inspector Chopra is set to retire, he is presented with two mysteries too good to pass up. The first involves the suspicious drowning of a young boy, and the second case involves a baby elephant.

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Chopra's determination to solve both cases will take him all over Mumbai, but the closer he gets to answers, the more he realizes someone out there doesn't want them solved. After a bad break up, Lana Lee has to suck up her pride and return to work at her family's restaurant, something she never thought she'd do again. But when the restaurant's property manager turns up dead, the gossip about who could have done it becomes the hottest dish on the menu. With everyone in the restaurant a suspect, Lana must hunt for clues to clear her name and stop a killer.

In the first installment of the award-winning Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series, Gamache and his team are called to a small town outside Montreal to investigate a tragic bowhunting accident. But he soon discovers the quiet little town is steeped in secrets, chief among them the truth behind the supposed accident.