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The CDC reports that every day, eighty-three children in the U. But there is hope. Gun violence is a public health issue, amenable to the tools and methods of disease prevention. After hearing rhetoric that immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants, are a burden to our health-care system, Lila Flavin, M19, decided to look at the data and find out the truth.

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Our graduates are working locally and around the world to address a range of critical health and public health challenges. A course for young people with intellectual disabilities, designed by School of Medicine faculty and students to cut the risk of abuse, contains lessons for everyone. A new study estimates that 80, of new invasive cancer cases reported in , or 5.

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A Doctor Steps into Politics. Opinion: Treat Gun Violence as a Disease.

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Health-Care System? Featured Graduate Programs. Centring around themes of 'virtual' bodies, audiences, representations and public health, it examines discourses of sexuality, gender, race, disability, childhood, medico-moral panics, regulation and governmentality. Examines contemporary theoretical debates in a lively and accessible way Analyzes a diverse range of media, including television, cinema, literature, print media and the internet Uses topical topical examples from popular culture and news stories, such as E.

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