On Time: Lectures on Models of Equilibrium (Churchill Lectures in Economics)

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American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings. Markets and Hierarchies and Mathematical EconomicTheory. Industrial and Corporate Change. Kreps, Drew Fudenberg. Games and Economic Behavior. Learning Mixed Equilibria. Kreps, Ayman Hindy, Chi-fu Huang. Journal of Mathematical Economics.

On Time : Lectures on Models of Equilibrium

Repeated Games with Long-run and Short-run Players. Kreps, Drew Fudenberg, Eric Maskin. Review of Economic Studies. Journal of Economic Perspectives. On the Robustness of Equilibrium Refinements. Kreps, Drew Fudenberg, David Levine. Journal of Economic Theory. Consistency, Structural Consistency, and Sequential Rationality.

Kreps, Garey Ranet. Reputation in the Simultaneous Play of Multiple Opponents. Signaling Games and Stable Equilibria.

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Milgrom, John Roberts, Robert Wilson. Reputation and Imperfect Information. Kreps, Robert Wilson. Sequential Equilibrium. May , Vol. Dynamic Choice Theory and Dynamic Programming. Kreps, Evan L. Martingales and Arbitrage in Multiperiod Securities Markets. Michael Harrison, David M. Temporal von Neumann-Morgenstern and Induced Preferences. Kreps, J. Michael Harrison. Decision Problems with Expected Uility Criteria. I: Upper and Lower Convergent Utility. Mathematics of Operations Research.

Decision Problems with Expected Utility Criteria. II: Stationarity.

Level 1 CFA Economics: Aggregate Output Prices and Economic Output-Lecture 5

II: Positive and Negative Problems. Books The Motivation Toolkit. Microeconomics for Managers. Game Theory and Economic Modelling. A Course in Microeconomic Theory.

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Diamond , Paperback. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information These two lectures explore how time is modeled in theoretical analyses of individual industries and of the entire economy. The atemporal Marshallian model is contrasted with an explicit time model with uncertainty about costs at the firm level. The book also examines data on job creation and job destruction; price setting behavior in monopolistic competition and costly search models; data on price changes; and both cyclical and seasonal data on the entire economy.

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