International Warbirds: An Illustrated Guide to World Military Aircraft 1914-2000

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Nakajima J1N1 Gekko. Nakajima Ki 43 Hayabusa. Nakajima Ki 44 Shoki. Nakajima Ki 49 Donryu. Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate. NieuportDelage NiD Polikarpov I 15I Chaika. Polikarpov U 2Po 2. PZL P 11 Jedenastka. Reggiane Re Falco. Royal Aircraft Factory BE 2e. Royal Aircraft Factory FE 2. Royal Aircraft Factory RE 8. Royal Aircraft Factory SE 5a. Saab J 29 Tunnan.

Saab J 35 Draken. Saab JA 37 Viggen. Saab JAS 39 Gripen. SavoiaMarchetti SM 79 Sparviero. SavoiaMarchetti SM 81 Pipistrello. Short Sunderland. SiemensSchuckert D IV. Sopwith Strutter. Sopwith Triplane. Supermarine Spitfire. Supermarine Stranraer. Supermarine Walrus. Tupolev Tu Vickers Vildebeest. Vickers Wellesley.

Vickers Wellington. Westland Lysander. Westland ScoutWasp. Westland Whirlwind. Yokosuka D4 Y Suisei. Yokosuka MXY 7 Oka. Yokosuka P1 Y1 Ginga. Zeppelin Staaken R VI. Fredriksen , PhD, is an independent historian. Ilyushin II 4. Ilyushin II Junkers CL I. Aichi D3A. Airspeed Horsa. Airspeed Oxford. Albatros C XII. Albatros D V.

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Amiot Anatra D. Antonov An 2. Antonov An Arado Ar Avia B Aviatik C I. Aviatik D I. Avro Great. Avro Lancaster. Avro Shackleton.

The Rand McNally encyclopedia of military aircraft, in SearchWorks catalog

Avro Vulcan. Beriev MBR 2. Blackburn Shark. Bleriot XI. Bloch MB Breguet Bristol Bulldog. Bristol F 2B.

FREDRIKSEN, John C(onrad) 1953-

Bristol Scout D. Caproni Ca 5. Caudron G III. Caudron G IV. Caudron R Dewoitine D DFS DFW C V. Dornier Do Etrich Taube. Fairey Battle. Fairey Fulmar. Fairey IIIF. Farman F Felixstowe F2A. Fiat G 91Y. Fokker C V. Fokker D VII. Fokker D XXI. Fokker Dr I. Fokker E III. Fokker G I. Folland Gnat. Gloster Javelin. Gloster Meteor. Gotha G V. Gotha Go Halberstadt C V. Hanriot HD 1. Hawker Fury. Hawker Hart. Hawker Hunter. Hawker Sea Fury. Hawker Typhoon. Heinkel He Henschel Hs Junkers J I.

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Junkers Ju Kamov Ka Kawanishi H6K. Kawanishi H8K. Kawasaki Ki Lavochkin La LeO Letov S Lloyd C III. Lohner B VII. LVG C V. Macchi M 5. MBB BO Mil Mi Miles Master. Mitsubishi A5M. Mitsubishi G3M. Mitsubishi G4M. Nakajima B5N. Nakajima Ki Nanchang Q 5.

Beriev Be-6

Nieuport Panavia Tornado. Petlyakov Pe 2. Petlyakov Pe 8. Pfalz D IIIa. Pfalz D XII. Phonix C I. Phonix D I. Piaggio P B. Polikarpov I Polikarpov R5. Encountering greed and bribery at every turn, Page risks his safety for a lifelong dream. These three books are useful guides to many of the aircraft that served in World War II. Both combat and non-combat aircraft are chronicled. Text includes each type's origin, history and variants, followed by a full technical specification.

  1. Warbird Alley: Warbird and Vintage Aircraft Books?
  2. Fredriksen, John C..
  3. EMBRAER: Brazil’s Aviation Success Story | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses.
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  5. Photographer Keith Wilson has been granted full official access to 'the Flight' to give readers a unique behind-the-scenes 'how it's done' look at all its activities - from the aircraft and their crews, to ground crews and support staff, and from air display planning to major overhauls of the aircraft. This is a guide to the existing WWII bomber aircraft in aviation museums throughout the world. Each double-page spread contains a color photo of an example of the aircraft as viewed in an aviation museum, examples of different marks and a textual resume of the type with statistics.

    The follow-on the the previously-released book above , this time focusing on fighter-type aircraft. In , Paul G. Allen began acquiring and preserving a selection of iconic warriors and workhorses, many of which are the last of their kind. Allen's passion for aviation and history, and his awareness of the increasing rarity of original WWII aircraft, motivated him to restore these artifacts to the highest standard of authenticity.

    Photographs in the book include cockpit shots, exterior museum shots, historic photographs, and breathtaking contemporary flying shots from photographers like award-winning John Dibbs. Technical Drawings of Aircraft of World War II: By Paul Eden and Soph Moeng Hardcover, pages With the aid of extraordinarily detailed and accurate line drawings, this book shows how a wide selection of classic military aircraft were put together, inside and out.

    Showing how aircraft developed during the war, each complex line drawing is annotated with an exhaustive key with everything from air ducts to the nosewheel leg pivot mounting. The illustrations are complemented by color photographs with extended captions, plus detailed information about each aircraft's operational specifics.

    From the Messerschmitt BfK-4 to the North American B Mitchell, this book is an invaluable reference guide for anyone interested in how classic aircraft worked. This book examines, in extensive detail, the evolution of the aircraft as a weapon of war. A pleasure to read and an indispensable resource. All the major Allied and Axis combat types of World War II are covered, and the cutaways are accompanied by the best photography from the huge "Aeroplane" picture archive, individual specifications, and a history of each type and of the artists themselves.

    Country by country, aircraft by aircraft, this magnificently huge and visually-splendid encyclopedia presents all the planes that waged deadly battle in the skies during World War II. Through a combination of large-size contemporary color and original black-and-white photography, the ever-changing strategies and course of the air war from emerges, accompanied by each plane's specifications, performance, histories, and the clashes in which they participated. The Rolls-Royce Merlin liquid-cooled V piston aero engine is considered an icon of British engineering with a worldwide recognition.

    It was one of the most successful aircraft engines of the Second World War period, and its incremental development ran hand-in-hand with that of the legendary Supermarine Spitfire to which it was fitted from the very beginning. When Merlin production finally ceased in , almost , engines had been delivered. This book is a detailed history of the engine, rather than the technical manual that its name implies.

    Aviation technology progressed at a blindingly fast pace during the first half of the 20th century. Aircraft were asked to fly higher, fly faster, carry heavier loads, take off and land on shorter runways, fly greater distances, and consume less fuel with each new generation, and with perfect dependability. At one time, it represented the largest and most sophisticated of its breed.

    This book provides a detailed account of the inner workings of the R Also covered is the engine's development history, variations, and its military, commercial, and racing applications. This is a fascinating story of a remarkable time in aviation history, when American businesses helped fund the arsenal of democracy that helped defeat the Axis powers. It was a production unmatched by any other country and a crucial part of why the allies won the war. Author Bill Yenne considers the prewar governmental acts that got the plants rolling, as well as the gender shift that occurred as women entered the work force like never before.

    He also describes the construction of mega-factories like Willow Run, factory design considerations, and the postwar conversion back to peacetime production.

    Dennis Wrynn Paperback, pages A detailed photo essay of many of the United States' , combat aircraft being built from to Propliner Renaissance By Graham Robson Paperback, pages "If you believe that real airplanes have round engines, if you thrill to the sound of those mighty radial engines of the World War II era and the late s and early s, this book is a 'must-have.

    Each entry includes archival images of the craft and authoritative text that places each one in the context of the development of aviation technology and world history. Each featured aircraft includes a pilot perspective on what it was like to fly these legendary aircraft. Containing a fascinating collection of short stories and more than black and white and color photos from both American and Russian sources, this book presents a unique dual-language look at one of the most dangerous missions of WWII.

    World War II aviation buffs will cringe but be fascinated by the images of once-glorious U. Army Air Corps aircraft mangled and battered during combat action.

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    The author provides the harrowing details and sometimes surprising twists behind each photo. A fascinating full-color glimpse inside the aircraft and gun stations of WWII. Also includes many personal anecdotes from the men who served in this dangerous role. Prop Perfection: Restored Prop-Liners and Warbirds By Graham Robson Paperback, pages Thorough research and wonderful photography highlight this tribute to the classic airliners of the past.

    Expanded and completely revised, the 24th edition of this series provides even more details on a vast array of aircraft including their build and retirement dates. It now highlights how long exhibits have been with museums and major collections. A large, comprehensive history of U. Covers just about every airplane you can think of. Lavishly illustrated, this book is a fantastic reference source. Fredriksen and Walter J. Boyne Library Binding, pages Illustrated histories of over of the world's best-known military aircraft.

    Contains lots of photos, specifications, text histories, technical details, and lore. A wonderful reference source for airplane fanatics and history buffs.

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    Will Martin, a year-old civilian pilot, has just suffered the loss of his family business in Chicago and is looking to make a fresh start. With stunning color photographs from the author's personal archive, this book gives the reader a vivid look at the rough-and-tumble world of s Latin America from the cockpit of some of the hottest American aircraft ever built. America's Hundred Thousand: U. This one of them. It is a very detailed history of eleven aircraft types which formed the backbone of the U.

    Lots of supplementary information, including over rare photographs and tables and graphs which compare the various aircraft. This is a large, indispensable reference book!